Our way of doing business

Afrikakompaniet (Africa Company in Swedish) has been present in South Africa longer than any other Swedish travel agency. We are based in Cape Town as well as in Stockholm, Sweden. Our Managing Director was born and raised in Kenya.
Since 2003 we have had the privilege of organising accommodation, car rentals, adventures, excursions and safaris for several thousands of Swedes and other Scandinavians eager to visit southern and eastern Africa.
Our two web sites, which are entirely in Swedish, are our main shop windows. We focus on SEO and Google ads for traffic to our website, also we have a large portion of returning customers and referrals.
Our business idea is quite simple: Always keep the clients satisfied and make sure they go back home wanting more. And they do! We see more and more returnees. And – if you didn’t already know – tourism from Sweden to southern and eastern Africa grows faster than from any other country.
Word of mouth is a powerful business tool. To make sure our guests go back in high spirits we always seek out the most priceworthy accommodation, safaris or car rentals. Priceworthy is not necessarily the cheapest, but rather most value for money. We receive guests in all price segments, requesting anything from one to five stars. And we treat them all equally.
In our marketing we inform our clients that they will never have to pay more when booking through us than if they contact our partners directly. Therefore we try try stay away from partners who ask us to add our commission on top of their price.
We hope you appreciate our way of doing business.
Our network is steadily growing. You are most welcome to join.


Tina Sayed Nestius

South Africa Companion (pty)